A look at IU’s win over Ohio State

Today, I look in IU’s 85-60 win over the Ohio State Buckeyes.  The Hoosiers are atop the Big Ten with a 6-0 record.  Their defense has definitely improved since the loss to Duke.

Here are my observations on the game.

  1.  IU did a great job defensively in the first half.  They were really active on defense forcing turnovers.  CBS announcer Carter Blackburn said they had 8 steals in the first half.  42 points in the second half is a lot but I am not going to ridicule.  The offense was there and defense did enough to secure the victory.
  2. The offense was proficient.  IU made great cuts and their screens were solid.  IU was able to get in the lane pretty easily on Ohio State.
  3. There’s good Troy and there’s bad Troy.  Against Ohio State, we got great Troy.  He was very efficient off the dribble.  He was under control and he also had a few blow bys off the dribble.   Troy also did it on the outside as he was hot from three in the first half.
  4. Thomas Bryant was pretty consistent in both halves.   He was very active on the boards and on offense.
  5. IU just made Ohio State look bad in the first half.  At one point in the first half, IU was up 40-14
  6. IU did have a little sloppiness with the second unit in the first half.
  7. Ohio State is a very young team.  I will say JaQuan Lyle stood out in the second half.

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