Hoosiers earn chance to dance, a look back at Maryland loss

Sunday was a happy day for me.  A week and a half of stress worrying about the future of Tom Crean and the future of the Hoosiers ran the gauntlet on me.  I was so happy because I did not think the Hoosiers would get in.  This was by far the most stressful tournament announcement   I have waited for in my Hoosier fandom.  The great news came as IU got a gift with a 10 seed against No. 7 Wichita State.  I thought for sure IU would have to have a play in game if they made the tournament so I was very happy.

I am going to have to DVR Friday’s game and Sunday if the Hoosiers are fortunate to win.  I am fighting for my Hoosiers as I have picked them to go to the Sweet 16.  It is a tall order to beat Wichita State and most likely Kansas.   I don’t know anything about Wichita State.   From past experience in the NCAAs, I know they have been very good under Gregg Marshall.  I also have heard a lot about Fred VanFleet and I also know Ron Baker is a good player.  It is going to be a tough task for the Hoosiers but they can do it.

I just want everyone on the team to be loose and free along with uping their defense a little bit.  I am not asking for a miracle but I just want to see an increase in the defensive productivity.  I’m just glad the Hoosiers are in because that is the standard I set and expect from IU.  But I want this team to fight and get themselves a victory.  It’s been a long and difficult season.

The Maryland quarterfinal in the Big Ten Tournament

I was not too upset as I watched the Hoosiers fall 75-69 in last Friday’s game tonight.  IU was in it the whole way and they just came up short because of missed shots and Maryland’s defense per Bill Raftery

IU started playing the game really fast as did Maryland.   Yogi Ferrell was hot early as was Robert Johnson.  IU had a 13-10 lead with 15:03 left in the first half.  Maryland would take advantage of their quickness with Melo Trimble and Dez Wells.  But Troy Williams got hot to tie the at game 32-32 and Maryland went into the half with a 42-40 lead.

To start the second half, Wells blocked a Ferrell shot and Trimble went off the on Hoosiers to take a 47-43 lead.  They eventually went up 52-47 on a three pointer from Jared Nickens per ESPN.com and Nickens hit another three to make it 62-55.

Despite all of this, IU battled back as they pulled within 62-60 with under 3:33 left.  IU would pull within 68-66 with 39 seconds left per ESPN.com   Then free throws from Evan Smotryz and Wells sealed the victory for Maryland.

Overall, I thought the quickness of Trimble and Wells was too much for IU.   Wells also posted up the Hoosiers.  On the Hoosiers side, Troy Williams had a nice game.  I could not figure out why James Blackmon struggled.  Then lastly, Emmitt Holt has really improved as a player.  Any boost on the inside will be great for the Hoosiers as we enter the Madness.


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