Today I was jacked up for Indiana but in the end, they fell 77-63 Tuesday to Iowa.  I have a lot to say or maybe not.  The important thing is here I am not out to fire Coach Tom Crean.  I am not blaming him for the loss of Luke Fischer or for the lack of a big man.  They made every effort they could to patch the hole or maybe I am in denial.  This team is out of whack without a consistent big man and Crean has tried everything he can with what he has.  It’s very frustrating.  My bottom line is if IU does not make the NCAAS this year and if they don’t make it next year, Crean has to go.  Another off the court incident, Crean will have to go.  I do not want him fired.  I don’t see what that will do.

Here are my thoughts from tonight, I will go over the first half and then the second half.   I bummed right now, most fans are going to go after Crean, but you do have to look at the roster and see it is out of whack.

1.  The game started in IU’s pace but it quickly changed as Iowa employed a zone.  Mike Tirico said IU went four minutes without a field goal at one point and they finished with one field goal in the last six minutes per Tirico.

2.  Yogi Ferrell spent a lot of this game guarding 6-9 Aaron White.  A huge mismatch.   Iowa took control of the game pounding the ball into White, Adam Woodbury, Jarrod Uthoff,  Garbiel Olaseni.

3.  Utoff hit a big three to make it 28-24 and Robert Johnson hit a big shot at the half to pull IU within 32-28.

4.  The second half saw me get irritated that IU did not have good ball movement.  There was hardly any movement on offense and it was a struggle for IU to score.  In the mean time, White got hot for Iowa.

5.  Olaseni made a dunk to put Iowa ahead at 48-43.

6.  Crean called a time out and they seemed to play with some better energy.  But silly plays and bad shots hindered the Hoosiers.  Nothing was in synch offensively.   Iowa seemed a step ahead the whole night.

7.  Iowa blitzed open the game with with a three from Peter Jok.  The frustration continued as IU gave up an offensive rebound which led to a Jok three which gave Iowa a 59-48 lead.

8.  I will say this about the Hoosiers,  Yogi Ferrell played his tail  off.   Nick Zeisloft was the only one who gave IU a boost offensively as he hit his three balls consistently.

9.  Another bad play came when an Iowa player dribbled right around James Blackmon for a bucket.

10.  Besides the lack of movement in the 2nd half, I am still irritated with Troy Williams.  He is great athletically but tonight I saw him dribbling wildly and taking wild shots.  It drives me crazy.

10.  Collin Hartman would have helped a little tonight but we need him back for the Michigan State game.

11. All in all this was just an irritating loss and I can’t stand losing to Fran McCaffery.

At this point of the season, I am going to keep rooting for the Hoosiers because that’s what I do.  Tonight I consider their NCAA hopes almost vanquished   They are going to have to beat Michigan State Saturday and make it to the Big Ten Semi-finals to show the committee they deserve to be in.


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