Review of 2nd loss to Purdue, what lies ahead

Tonight I watched the Hoosiers second loss to Purdue of the season as they fell  67-63 at home.  After this game, the Hoosiers defeated Rutgers last Sunday and they fell to Northwestern on the road.   These three games provide a small sample size of what IU does when they are going well and what they do when things are not going well.

IU went cold in the Northwestern game according to Kent Sterling of CBS Sports Radio 1430 in Indianapolis and he said they did not defend very well in the second half.  Jeff Rabjohns of said Purdue was physical and played good defense against IU.  In the Rutgers game, I saw good ball movement and IU was able to drive to the hoop.

For me right now, IU has to shoot well and drive to the hoop with good ball movement to have success.   In the next few games at home against Iowa and Michigan State, IU is going to have to get strong fan support and put everything together in a good way.  LET’S GO HOOSIERS.

Anyways, I will go back to the Purdue game with my observations from the start of the game to the end.

1.  Hanner Perea was hot for IU to start the game.  He was scoring on the inside and from outside.  Yogi Ferrell had a monster lob to Hanner for a huge dunk.

2.  A.J. Hammons got going early as well for Purdue on the inside.  IU had no answer for him and Isaac Haas.

3.  IU was able to get in the lane off the dribble early on and they were getting out on the break.  However, things got touchy when Hanner got his second foul at the 12:04 mark of the first half.

4.  IU’s offense went into a funk with three straight possessions went down to the end of the shot clock.  Eventually quick shots and trying to make explosive plays led the game to be tied up at 23-23.

5.  Yogi hit a big shot at the end of the half to put IU in the lead at 29-27.

6.  The second half saw IU’s defense falter from where it was in the first  half Purdue had four quick points in the paint to start off.   Again, Hammons and Haas were too much for IU to handle.

7.  From there, Jon Octeus had a monster dunk down the lane and Raphael Davis went coast to coast to further the Purdue lead.  Then Kendall Stephens hit a big three pointer to make it 44-37 Purdue.

8.  Despite the play of Hammons, IU fought back behind the play of Troy Williams.

9.  Octeus came up with another hoop to make it 53-47 Purdue.  IU then could not hit some good looks.

10.  Once again IU rallied behind the play of Troy but Ocetus was there with another big drive and the Hoosiers left too many points at the foul line.

11.  Despite the adversity once again, IU tied the game at 58-58 all and Yogi put IU ahead on a three pointer at 61-60 but Davis came up with two big buckets to make it 64-61.

12.  Yogi tried to bring IU back with a lay-up and he went for the win with a three pointer but IU fell as Hammons cliniched the victory with two free throws.

Overall, this game was decided in the paint as Haas and Hammons dominated.  IU also gave up crucial lay-ups and they left too many points at the line.

From here, an NCAA bid hangs in the balance.   IU is going to have shore up their defense as much as they can without size.  But most importantly, there offense is going to have be extremely efficient for a full 40 minutes.  That means good ball movement and excellent shot selection.


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