Time for Hoosier rewind

Tonight’s second blog will see me go over some past games. I am happy with where the Hoosiers are at. I am still angry about the suspensions that should have been longer at the beginning of the season. But I am at a place now where I can root for the players involved.

The areas where I see from looking in and not seeing all the games where IU has had trouble in rebounding and playing against tough aggressive teams. Hopefully with the recent winning they will continue to get better as the season moves forward. Below is my recap of some of the games I saw.

Mississippi Valley State Season Opener

1. Hanner Perea looked much improved.
2. Yogi Ferrell was great at distributing the basketball.
3. IU’s transition defense was bad early.
4. Nick Zeisloft was hot from 3 and Max Hoetzel showed some three ball shooting.
5. Robert Johnson showed he could handle the basketball.
6. The thing I liked about James Blackmon was he just goes about his business scoring. He’s not flashy, just really good.
7. I spent a lot of time wondering how guys like Tim Priller, Jeremiah April and Max Hoetzel would develop over their careers. I looked at Blackmon and Johnson as better than average freshmen.
8. The final was 116-65 Indiana.

Texas Southern
This game was the Mike Davis reunion game and IU won 83-64. I’ve always liked Mike Davis. A lot of times I felt like I was the only one supporting him after Bob Knight. Mike Davis is the only IU coach I have shook hands with. Here are my observations from that game.

1. Jim Jackson said Texas Southern said injuries were affecting Texas Southern.
2. Yogi played well early in the first half. Robert Johnson was great and really stood out.
3. IU forced two shot clock violations.
4. Indiana just exploded in the last seven minutes of the half to go into half time with a 44-29 lead.
5. The second half saw Tonnie Collier get hot for Texas Southern.
6. Blackmon just exploded in the second half.
7. Hanner Perea had a monster dunk in the second half.
8. IU got beat off the dribble in the second half and there were not as crisp or strong defensively. They pretty much coasted the whole second half.

Eastern Washington
This game I was not going to watch and I saw a little bit because IU was losing late. In the 88-86 loss per ESPN.com. Eastern Washington hit a big three to win the game. I was upset with Yogi because he did not shoot a three pointer at the end of the game. Then what infuriated me was the missed block outs by IU.

A 81-69 win over Pittsburgh
Jeff Rabjohns of Peegs.com said Pittsburgh was big on offensive rebounds before this game and this game was no different as IU got beat off the dribble and on rebounding. The IU defense did improve over the course of the game though.

IU was able to take control of the game in the first half with balanced scoring. Troy Williams was playing well off the dribble and Emmitt Holt played well in the first half. The sting of Holt and his incident with Devin Davis was still there. I just think they should have been suspended longer. Sometimes I feel guilty thinking IU is playing better now. BUT THIS WAS MORE ABOUT BASKETBALL ON THAT HALLOWEEN NIGHT.

Back to the game, Hanner Perea had a good start to the second half and Collin Hartman impressed me with his hustle. Holt also continued to play well. Pitt also missed a lot of open threes but this was a good win for IU.

Things seem to be going well in Bloomington right now with Devin Davis getting healthy. I can’t imagine what it would have been like if things turned for the worse with Davis. The players involved are to be forgiven but these incidents should not be forgotten. I struggle with winning now and what happened. I don’t want to be an IU fan where winning cures all. I’ve struggled with that a little bit this year. I am glad they are winning now but I still wonder if the players should have been punished more. I am now to the point where I can root for these guys but there will always be a remembrance of what happened.


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