IU wins huge one on the road against Nebraska to kick off the Big Ten Season

I am back here on New Year’s Eve as I watched IU beat Nebraska 70-65 on the road.  This was a huge win for IU.  I will go over today’s game first and later next week I will have have more thoughts on past games.  It’s been a wild year for the Hoosiers to say the least with all the turmoil off the court and getting things going on the court.  Tonight’s game was a special win and here are my observations.

1.  IU did a nice job overcoming adversity in the second half after having the lead in the first half.  That was huge to me and definitely impressive.

2.  Hanner Mosquera-Perea was special in the second half.  He was solid in the post and he came up with big shots when IU needed them.  He was also big on the boards.

3.  When IU gets too 3 happy they get into trouble.  They need to keep moving the ball and they did better as they took control of the game in the second half.

4.  Perea, Troy Williams, Robert Johnson and Yogi Ferrell all had big buckets in the second half to help IU get the lead back.

5.  Watching IU go into a press was good and it worked because they got a 10 second call in the second half

6.  I did not like IU going into a slow down with about four minutes to go.  It became a maalox moment and it made me cringe.  I was on my seat the whole time.

7.  It was good to see Tom Crean fight for his team.  He got into it with Coach Tim Miles of Nebraska after a hard foul on Mosquera-Perea.  Luckily, IU ran with it and kept Nebraska in check most of the way.

8. Terran Petteway helped Nebraska come back as IU had a big lead in the first half.  Petteway and Shavon Shields just tore IU up in this game.

9.  Yogi seems to struggle against big guards and tonight was no different.  He still had an impact on the game even though he did not score much.  He kept the offense together in the second half.

10.  IU took control of the game in the first half behind the play of Robert Johnson and Troy Williams.  Emmit Holt was also unbelievable coming off the bench for IU as Perea had foul trouble.

11.  Seeing former DePaul assistant Jim Molinari on the Nebraska bench was pleasing to me.

12.  Nebraska had a lot of gimmees in the first half and they did not shoot particularly well at times in the second half.

Moving Forward

I find myself still being very critical of Troy Williams after his offseason transgression and suspension to start the year.  I have to find a way to forgive him or this is the way it is going to be.  I have let Yogi off the hook but Stanford Robinson and Williams are under my watchful eye.  I am able to accept Holt though.  It will be interesting to see how I think going forward.

As a team tonight, I thought IU played decently on the boards and their defense was decent except for dribble penetration.  I just want to see the ball move on offense and hope they continue to get better.


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