Hoosiers Men’s Hoops time to get back to what they were founded on.


Happy homecoming or not.  It is time to break down the Hoosiers for the 2014-2015 season.  A lot happened with this team off the court I am not going to go into detail on that.  This team needs to get back to playing good basketball.  Last year, I saw something I don’t think I’ve ever seen in my time as a Hoosier fan.  There was selfish play., showboating after dunks when losing, and players auditioning for the pros within a game.  You are always  auditioning for the pros but there were some ill conceived shots that people looked like they were auditioning for the pros.

IU needs to get back to playing for Indiana and their teammates.   Head Coach Tom Crean has been pushing togetherness in his tweets this off season and playing for your teammates.   I just want to see this team get back to being Indiana and then you will see things fall back into place.  As a fan I expect to see players going to class and winning on the court.  But if this team busts their tails off , I can take a loss.  As for myself this season, I don’t want to break my Todd Jadlow rule of ripping individual players.   I want to critique the team as a whole.   Hopefully, I will do that.

Now with off the court issues put away in a closet, I am going to break down the team as I see it for 2014-2015.

The floor leader of this team will be and has to be Yogi Ferrell.  He has been tremendous in his two years at point guard for the Hoosiers.   He’s quick and he can shoot the lights out.   New to the team helping Yogi out will be James Blackmon Jr., NIck Zeisloft and Robert Johnson.  I’ve read Jeff Rabjohns from Peegs.com and he said Zeisloft has been outstanding in practice so far.   I am really looking forward to seeing Blackmon as a freshman.  He has been very high on on the recruiting front with all that has been said about him.  He is expected to bring in the outside shooting that IU was missing last year.  Robert Johnson is also expected to be in the mix as well.  I don’t think the guard position is going to be a problem for IU.

My concerns for this team come from the front line.  Who is going to play the post?  Noah Vonleh, Mr. rebounding machine is now in Charlotte.  IU has brought in some freshman to help out with the big man slots, they are Jeremiah April, Max Hoetzel and Tim Priller.  Per Rabjohns, Troy Williams was a beast  in the Canada trip the Hoosiers had.  I hope he has developed an outiside shot.  I am not sure where he is going to play this season.  But he will start, as I like to compare him to Scott Pippen.  That brings us to Hanner Perea.  He has not blossomed into a solid player as of yet and I am eager to see him branch out.

From there more contributors for this team should be Devin Davis, Stanford Robinson and Collin Hartman.

I am 150% invested in Tom Crean.  I have not defined what would change that.   I want the players to get in tune with what he wants and have each side work together to make this season a memorable one and not a downer like last year.

I don’t know how this team is going to shake out this year.  But I sure wish this month would hurry up so I can watch Hoosier Hoops again.



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