February 14, 2014 snow bound my state of IU basketball

As of today, I have broken my Todd Jadlow rules 5 times calling out one of our own.  Today I will try and stop that but I am ticked at this point of the season.  This blog is done through me and info from secondary sources a facebook friend and  twitter.

1.  Blowing a lead at the end of the Penn State should never happen.

2. Players playing for themselves young and old

3. Coaches not doing their job getting their message across.  I think this team has gotten better from the season to the end but this team needs more games in the maturation process and they are going to have to win. Crean and the coaching staff are busting their tales off.  Dakich said certain “people” should care at this point and they aren’t.  I apologize to Dan Dakich because I told him I would only tweet about him in the first Illini game.

4. I think Noah Vonleh is the best player out there for IU at this time. He is playing at a high level and I did not see the Penn st. game or look at the stats.  Yogi is my favorite at this time,   whether he makes one of my favorite players of all time remains to be scene.

Good day, have work to do.


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