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Today after a rough weekend, more on that later, I am going to break down the Hoosiers and since I feel it is okay today to break my Todd Jadlow rule. I am going to break it with a complete break down in the IU win.

Here are my observations for the first half.

1. NIk Stauskas from Canada a strong player from there, look a ton more stronger as a player.  Chronic Hoosier pointed out for the entire game the Yogi putting the lock down on him.

2.  The ticky tac fouls of the season continued early for the Hoosiers.

3.  Bill Rafterty of CBS  said both Indiana and Michigan were playing in a hurry early on.

4.  The Indiana USA chant on Stauskas was pretty funny.

5. I am tired of hearing who’s gone from this team and who is coming in for IU.  They need to get

better this season here and now.

6, Evan Gordon had a bad foul on Derrick Walton.  I would like to thank Evan Gordon and Herb Sendek for not working together to get better.

7.  I think Vonleh is going to be an awesome player. But HE REALLY NEEDS ONE MORE YEAR TO GET STRONGER.

8.  The defensive break downs in this half were lower than earlier in the season for IU.

9 Ian Eagle on Yogi.  “IU playing off energy of Ferrell.  He’s been a winner.”

10.  I love the way Stanford Robinson attacks.

11, Yogi does take quick shots and he has to get better against quicker and taller guards.

12.  Found out through the big ten network ,Crean’s tirade at Wisky was because he was mad at Yogi per Yogi.

13.  IU led 25-22 at half.

14.   IU looked like they were improving at that time as they looked a lot more patient on offense.

15.  I like Caris Lavert as a player for Michigan.  Michigan has a lot of young talent under Belein.  I liked his team at West Virginia.

Second half

16. Derrick Walton had double figures per Ian Eagle


18.  In this game, I thought Stanford Robinson should play 30-35 minutes a game with Austin spotting him.

19  Raf said get the puppies set on Yogi.

20.  Yogi brings toughness to the floor and he is a true floor leader.

21,  Austin was able to draw a foul on Jordan Morgan.  I like Morgan as a player as well for Michigan.  I wish McGary was there too.

22.  All the Tom Crean haters can stick it except for one super fan.

23.  Evan Gordon had a selfish lay-up but it was a pretty strong drive.

24.  I liked the shooting of Lavert.

25.  Will Sheehey hit a big shot at the 4:50 mark.

26.  It was 56-52 with 1:16 left.

27. In the final minute, Vonleh had a monster block as he grabbed Lavert’s shot.  It what could have been called a goal tend but the replay said no.

28.  At the end of the game, Vonleh had a huge dunk.  Evan Gordon was selfish and did not kill the clock.  Luckily, Vonleh was there to clean up Gordon’s missed shot and end the 63-52 IU victory.


As of today, I have broken my Todd Jadlow rules 5 times calling out one of our own.  Today I will try and stop that but I am ticked at this point of the season.  This blog is done through me and info from secondary sources a facebook friend and  twitter.

1.  Blowing a lead at the end of the Penn State should never happen.

2. Players playing for themselves young and old

3. Coaches not doing their job getting their message across.  I think this team has gotten better from the season to the end but this team needs more games in the maturation process and they are going to have to win. Crean and the coaching staff are busting their tales off.  Dakich said certain “people” should care at this point and they aren’t.  I apologize to Dan Dakich because I told him I would only tweet about him in the first Illini game.

4. I think Noah Vonleh is the best player out there for IU at this time. He is playing at a high level and I did not see the Penn st. game or look at the stats.  Yogi is my favorite at this time,   whether he makes one of my favorite players of all time remains to be scene.

Good day, have work to do.