IU fights Michigan State after bad Northwestern loss

The Big Ten season is well underway and Tuesday night I took in the second Michigan State loss Tuesday on ESPN with Mike Tirico and Dan Dakich broadcasting.  My biggest beef right now is with the teaching the young Hoosiers got before coming to Coach Crean.  You can’t fix six years of bad coaching in a year.   I’ve been extremely hard this season on the young Hoosiers because I am impatient and want to see the Hoosiers win.  I have broken my Todd Jadlow rule I made in 1989 when I said I would not rip on individual players but the team as a whole  This year has seen several violations from me in that area especially with Stanford Robinson. 

The rest were sophomore Jeremy Hollowell and now my latest public enemy is Evan Gordon, a senior.  I’ve been calling out Herb Sendek on that one for not teaching him game situations.  The whole Gordon family just irks me.  I will go more into that later as I rewind back to earlier games in the season.  

Tuesday night got rolling well for IU, they competed and went at it hard.  Noah Vonleh was off and running as a freshman.  In the post he was solid and he even shot a three.  I kept my cool on that one.   He made it and he continues to impress me a lot.  

Dan Dakich said Gordon was benched as he thought Crean benched him because he was “too selfish”.  The starters were Vonleh, Troy Williams, Austing Etherington, Yogi Ferrell and Robinson.

Robinson is really coming into his own.  I am very happy for him.  I was ripping him inside and out to start the year. 

IU was tied 11-11 at with about 11:26 left in the first half.  IU was being a lot more patient on the offensive end.  Earlier in the game, Dakich said there was “no movement” from the Hoosiers.

Williams got a technical and Dakich said “that’s great for high school”.  Dakich did like the enthusiasm of Williams but he said Troy should have celebrated with his teammates.  

Another thing I liked in the first half was the way IU got up the court right after a made MSU basket.

Dakich said MSU’s offense was “the most disorganized I’ve seen” and Izzo looked like he was about ready to explode in the first half as IU took a 28-27 lead into half-time.

Early on in the second half, IU was getting drives as they took a 46-41 lead.  However, Gary Harris hit a big 3 to even it up at 46-46.   When IU took the lead, Dakich said “IU is playing exceptionally hard.” and he also pointed out the play of Williams.

Down the stretch, IU had a tough time finishing lay-ups and Harris hit a another big 3 to put Sparty up 61-52.  IU went several minutes without scoring per Espn and Tirico said MSU had a 21-6 run at one point.   Tricio pointed out the play of Branden Dawson as well.  Dawson is now out with a broken hand per espn.com.

Harris hit another key three pointer later on to put the game away with the score 65-57 and IU wound up losing 71-66.

This was a much better game for IU and hopefully they will knock off Illinois Sunday.  It will be a challenge, hopefully, Will Sheehey will be back from his injury and IU is going to have to shut down their guards who are big and physical especially Ravonte Rice. 

MSU did not look as good as they did the first game against IU.  Now they have injury issues to deal with as Dawson is out.


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