Tonight I took in IU’s loss in the championship game of the 2K Sports Classic.  The Hoosiers wound up falling 59-58 to the Huskies. I will have a lot of rewind on this blog because of work and busy figuring my way through the health care marketplace.

Here are my tidbits for the game:

1. The first half was a little sloppy as there were a lot of turnovers.  I fell asleep for the latter part of the first half as UCONN built up a 30-24 lead at the half.

2.  The second half intensity was turned up a notch.  Shabazz Napier put on a show.  He has really impressed me a lot this year.  He was a stud in this game.

3.  Napier and Yogi went to toe to toe over the last 10 minutes of this one.  Yogi was great with his shot.  I always knew he had it in him from last year.  He just did not need to show it because of all the shooting IU had last year.

4.  Fran Fraschilla of ESPN praised the defense of UCONN.  I thought IU’s defense was not too bad.

5. John Saunders of ESPN was very impressed with the play of big man Amida Brimah who had three blocks per

5. Ryan Boatright schooled Devin Davis in the first half.

6.  I think the frosh need to learn to move without the basketball for IU.

7.  I have been hard on Will Sheehey  this year.  He played pretty well against UCONN.  Crean said on his radio show this week Will is adjusting to a new role.  From what he said, I gathered he was 150% behind Will.

8.  Austin Etherington made a great pass to Devin  Davis in the second half.    I hope Austin gets more playing time as the season goes on I think he can be an outside threat for IU.  They really need that right now.

9.  I love the intensity of Kevin Ollie.  Plus it looked like Calhoun could come back to coach any time.  he was chewing his gum heavily at the end of this one.

10.  Key play of game Napier shot to privates of Ferrell set up Noah Vonleh’s last shot that just missed.

11.  I was okay with the clear out for Yogi with 22.4 left.  Vonleh call was good too.  Vonleh got a little hosed by officials tonight.  do not like new rules let them play.



IU came out firing with a 7-0 lead.  I wish they would have played like this against Cuse.  Troy Williams showed he could shoot from the outside.  Wish he would have done that agains Cuse and IU played much better against Washington’s zone than Cuse.

More observations:

1.  IU needs to pick up their defensive intensity if they are going to beat good teams.  They are going to have score off turnovers.  This team is athletic enough to create several deflections which Crean loves.

2.  Yogi went through a five minute stretch where he was forcing things.

3. Andrew Andrews was solid for Washington in the first half and C.J Wilcox was on fire.

4. The guy i’ve been hard on is Stanford Robinson and he was pretty good in the last part of the first half..

5.  In the second half, Yogi was hot from the three.  I thought the young guns were too laid back while Sheehey and Yogi were aggressive.

6.  Sheehey was moving well without the ball all night and Vonleh was strong on the boards in this one.  When he fills out he is going to be a beast.

7.  I thought IU gave up too much dribble pentration in the second half.  Yogi’s penetration in the lane was really good.  I just wish he could have done this against Cuse.

8. The final was a 102-84 win


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