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DATELINE:  NOVEMBER 13, 2013 IU gets by LIU-Brooklyn

I was able to watch about 3/4 of the game live on Tuesday night with the Big Ten Network.  I was into this game and I enjoyed the coverage of Chris Denari and Stephen Bardo.  I did not have to deal with bad camera work and bad announcing.  Plus I was more focused and excited to see the Hoosiers.

IU found themselves trailing 24-16 when I came home and they had an 8-2 lead early on.  Here are my observations from this one as it got very tight in the second half.

1.  Chris Denari said LIU has been to three straight NCAA tournaments.  Via a retweet from Terry Hutchhens WIUX sports said LIU lost their top five scorers from last season.  So that shows what kind of program LIU is becoming.  They are a pretty good mid major team.  It was a big win for IU but it is a tad concerning.

2. Denari said Will Sheehey only scored four points in the first half and he came back with 15 points in the second half.  He was huge from the three point line late and he stepped up like a senior should.

3.  The biggest play to me at the end of the game was when Jeremy Hollowell touched the ball going for a rebound after Devin Davis’s missed free throw.  This cut off the time LIU had with the ball as Jason Brickman dribbled up the court and missed a three pointer at the buzzer.

4. Brickman  and Gilbert Parga gave IU fits with their dribble pentration.  Plus I thought IU’s transition defense was awful.

5. Chris Denari pointed out the play of Noah Vonleh.  Vonleh is very strong to me and he looks like he be a solid post prescence.

6.  IU did a good job of playing when Yogi Ferrell was out with foul trouble.

7.  I liked Ferrell’s nastiness.  I  hope he keeps up all season and keeps being the floor leader of IU.  He has been very aggressive taking it to the rim.  Yogi made the push when the Hoosiers were fighting back in the first half.

8.  IU got burned in the middle of the second half on threes from E.J.Reed and Troy Joseph (names per  Reed was very impressive in this game especially with his monster dunk.

9.  I was very pleased with the play of Troy Williams of IU in the final minutes.  He is very fast and can leap on the boards.

10.  I thought IU was forcing things in the first half.  Their half court offense needs work. I was hoping Austin Etherington would play more in the second half to give them some threes.  Sheehey and Ferrell are the only legitimate threats right now.

11,  My Todd Jadlow rule has been broken already ( me ripping players I don’t like on IU such as Jadlow).  I was very hard on Stanford Robinson for hanging on the rim at the near end of the first half on his dunk.  I thought Robinson lost his man on a lay-up to end the half but it was Vonleh after the dunk.  I am also questioning why Evan Gordon is even on this team.

12. Next up is the family reunion game with Samford


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