Weird Opening to a season for this Hoosier fan.

DATELINE NOVEMBER 11, 2013: IU wins opener over Chicago State 100-72 per

Tonight, I took in the first game of the year for the Hoosiers.  This set up was just weird tonight.  First I was supposed to watch the game live with the IU Alumni Associaton on a large screen off the internet at Fox and Hound uptown.  That was canceled for me because I had to work.  Then I DVR’d the game Sunday night off the Big Ten Network.

Apparently this game was produced by IU students.  The announcers I have no idea who they were.  I think one guy pointed out he was a former player but the network never game the name of these announcers.  Anyways the camera work was crappy and the announcers kept saying the same thing over and over.  The gem they gave me tonight was that they said if IU plays as well as Cody Zeller, Christian Watford, Victor Oladipo and Jordan Hulls, the Hoosiers will be in good shape.  This team may mature into the finished product of 2012-2013 but this team has to establish its own identity even with the key holdovers of Will Sheehey and Yogi Ferrell.

Anyways I will make the best out of the night and give you my observations.

1.  Yogi was solid tonight taking the ball to the hoop.

2. The announcers kept saying IU has to run a half-court offense.  I don’t have anything to tell you about that.

3.  This team has definitely gotten in the weight room over the summer.  Noah Vonleh and Troy Williams are stronger than your average freshmen.

3.  IU had a mohawk look with Ferrell and big man sophomore Hanner Perea.

4.  I liked the quickness of Vonleh and Troy Williams.  Both are big men who can dribble the floor.  Vonleh had a nice pass to Jeff Howard for a lay-up.

5.  I like the size of freshman Devin Davis as well.

6.  IU did have a ton of shot blocks which was impressive.  ESPN.. com said they had 13 points.

7.  Overall I thought IU did okay defensively.  The offense was very sloppy at various times.  This team is definitely a work in progress.

8. said Jeremy Hollowell had 16 points.  Don’t have much on him because this game was so hard to watch with the camera work and annoying announcers.

9. said Clarke Rosenberg led Chicago State with 27 points.  Chicago State was just an awful opponent.

10.  I expected a lot more from Evan Gordon.  I was a bit disappointed.  He is quick off the dribble though.

11.  I look for IU to get better in their next few games this week and hopefully the blog will be better.


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